Terms and Conditions

Our online pharmacy, unitedmedmart.com recommends you read its terms and conditions carefully, before making any deal.

United Med Mart (unitedmedmart.com) has sole right to modify the website in addition to its rules at any point in time. Please check the necessary policies, conditions every time you’re going to make a deal with https://unitedmedmart.com.

All products available at United Med Mart, the online pharmacy offers are produced by original medicine manufacturers and manufacturers from other countries in accordance with FDA/WHO standards. Buyers can give bulk orders with this authentic American online drugstore only for personal use without any fear of being duped.

The chemical constitution of generic medicines that United Med Mart offers is the same as of their counterparts in the USA.

User Agreement-

The user understands and agrees that the drugs ordered from our online drugstore, United Med Mart are for personal consumption and use, and not meant for reselling.

Your Personal Information-

Our online drugstore, United Med Mart, admires your right to privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of its customers. The information collected from our consumers is used to fetch a superior shopping experience.


For protecting the privacy of its customers, United Med Mart ensures that information provided by our consumers gets encrypted.

Your Consent-

By utilizing the services proffered by United Med Mart, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by United Med Mart

Your Comments-

We, at United Med Mart, admire feedback from our customers. In case you have any queries and opinions about the privacy policy, let us know.

Shipping Policy-

Every shipping takes around 10-15 days to reach your doorstep. You can track your orders.

Our Drug Policy-

United Med Mart will not, under any circumstances ship controlled substances or narcotics.

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