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Lyrica or Pregabalin is used to treat nerve pain and is a potential traditional painkiller. Lyrica 300 mg Capsules are effective against severe nerve pain attacks. It can be used in combination with other painkillers to elevate your pain relief. Side effects of the medicine may include nominal health issues to life-threatening ones.

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Lyrica capsules are used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain, and Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD in adults. Pain management becomes critical when you suffer from peripheral and central neuropathic pain. This medicine gives relief to long-lasting pain caused by nerve damages. There can be multiple diseases responsible for causing neuropathic pain, such as shingles and diabetes.

Pain sensations in these health conditions may be hot, stabbing, throbbing, burning, shooting, cramping, tingling, sharp, aching, and pins & needles. Both sorts of neuropathic pain can be connected with sleep disturbances, tiredness, mood changes, and can also physical & social quality of life.

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When you should take Lyrica 300 Mg Capsules?

Before taking medicine like Lyrica in such a huge strength, it is essential to know some medical conditions-

Epilepsy– A brain disease that can cause a person to become unconscious. It is used as adjunctive therapy in adults who suffer from partial seizures with or without secondary generalization.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder– It is characterized by continuous and excessive and persistent worry about several different things. The medicine helps in the treatment of GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder in adults.

One hard capsule of the medicine contains 300 mg of pregabalin.

What do you need to care about when taking Lyrica 300 Mg?

If you are or have been allergic to pregabalin, you must let your doctor know your health conditions or medical history.

  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should inform their doctor before taking Lyrica 300 Mg capsules.
  • If you are suffering from the above-mentioned ailments and on medication for the same, then keep your doctor posted.
  • Take care of doses and try not to miss any prescribed dose.
  • Also, ensure taking medicine at the same time every day, so that the concentration of the medicine in the blood remains consistent.
  • If you missed any dose, then avert taking an overdose.
  • If any side effect is common or longer time or major health problems are seen, then instantly contact your doctor.
  • For patients who have kidney or liver ailments in their medical history, should discuss the same with their doctors.

How to take Lyrica 300 Mg?

You can consume Lyrica 300 Mg with or without food. But maintain the timing of medicine consumption as it is highly recommended to take medicine at the same time everyday.

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Possible Side Effects of Lyrica 300 Mg-

Lyrica may cause some side effects, so as soon as you see this, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Here are some side effects of Lyrica 300 Mg-

If you are getting dizziness, then take full precautions while sitting or lying down. Also, take care when you climb.

You may also get shakiness, headache, weight gain, and dry mouth could be other common side effects of the medicine. As such take good care of your mouth, take sugar-free candy, and sugar-free gum as both of them would help. If your issue is still continuing, see a dentist.

Emotional ups and downs and unsafe allergic effects might show their characters.

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