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Eszopiclone 2 Mg is used to treat certain sleep problems like insomnia. It may help you stay asleep longer, and fall asleep faster. The medication belongs to the class of sedative-hypnotics. This medicine should be taken by mouth just going before into the bed. Take precautions given by your doctor.

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Sleep disorder like insomnia makes you unhealthy by mind and physique, both. Your body controls your physical and thus a sound sleep is necessary to allow your brain to give your body proper directions.  People don’t address an awake in sleep and when it grows, the condition got worse leading to insomnia. Insomnia may lead to other health disorders also like anxiety in most circumstances. If you see persistent awakening during the night, you need to take measures. You can buy eszopiclone 2 mg tablet online, a highly recognized medicine for insomnia like problems.

We at United Med Mart bring you Lunesta so that you can keep getting proper and continuous treatment for insomnia.  Here are some other pieces of information about the drug-

What is Lunesta?

Lunesta is a prescription drug taken to treat the symptoms of insomnia. It may be taken alone or with other drugs. It belongs to the class of sedative and hypnotic drugs. If your child is suffering from insomnia, consult a doctor first.

What are the probable side effects of Lunesta?

There could be multiple side effects of a sleep disorder medicine; Lunesta may cause serious side effects that would include-

  • Anxiety
  • Aggression,
  • Agitation,
  • Memory issues
  • Strange thoughts or behavior
  • Depression,
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations and
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself

Get in consult of your nearest doctor right away, if you find any of the symptoms listed above.

The commonest side effects of Lunesta would comprise-

  • Day-time drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling hungover
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Strange or obnoxious taste in your mouth
  • Rash and
  • Cold or flu symptoms (body aches, sore throat, cough, fever, runny or stuffy nose)

Is 2 mg of Lunesta strong?

The dose of Lunesta depends on your medical conditions and is diagnosed in the lab tests. For men, 2 Mg Lunesta can be sufficient. Remember that Lunesta or eszopiclone is longer acting than zolpidem.

Is it right to take Lunesta every night?

It has been found that people taking it every night did not show tolerance. That is, they didn’t have to keep increasing the dosage to get the expected effect. That is why Lunesta is the first sleep drug where approval won’t be limited to short-term use.

How long before bed should you take this medicine?

Lunesta needs to be taken orally right before bed. Before taking the medicine, an individual should take a minimum of seven or eight hours of available sleep time. It is imperative to go directly into bed after taking this medicine. Some people also have shown a habit of sleepwalking, sleep-driving, or doing odd activities after taking this drug.

Effects of Lunesta-

You may go for some natural remedies for insomnia before you are ready to sleep, taking Lunesta and other drugs. Taking it when you will remain awake can cause short-term memory loss and hallucinations.

How long can you safely take Lunesta?

The medicine has found a lot of attention because it is the only nonbenzodiazepine that is approved by FDA for as long as six months during nights.

Does Lunesta make you tired the next day?

Patients who use Lunesta or eszopiclone alone or with other medications to help them sleep can have minimum mental alertness the next morning after use, even if they feel fully awake. It can cause next-day mutilation of driving and other actions that need full alertness.

Does Lunesta lead to high blood pressure?

Lunesta has ingredients that work as a central nervous system depressant, slowing down heart rate lowering respiration levels, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Can Lunesta be helpful in pain?

Eszopiclone or Lunesta is a non-benzodiazepine sedative agent used for treating insomnia. Roth et al. It has recently been reported that medicine has improved pain reports in insomniac patients who also have a medical condition from rheumatoid arthritis.

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